Asetonian Star

Tears from your eyes,
feelings of your heart,
are like a shooting star.

Make your wish now,
hide it deep,
make the promise that you will always keep,
never will we part,
to the end from the start,
make a link to the heart.

Time will run away,
but my memories will stay,
new friends will find a place,
in your heart,
where once I lived!


4 thoughts on “Asetonian Star

  1. hi eeshan this is a nice pome,
    kya khun…………
    kya baat kya baat kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat……………

  2. good yaar… ab mein tu mujhse pade bina paas kaise hoga yaar… :p enjoy dude…

    After a lifetime of working and contributing to the success of their friends in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity. hehehehe

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