Something you should know…

I wrote this on a facebook post originally, here it is:

now i think its even unfair to call politicians corrupt…the whole system is corrupt…this is not a common pessimistic remark, but since this post is going on so well, I’d like to explain it.
the reserve bank system is the one followed all over the world, adapted through USA’s fractional reserve banking system. If the govt wants money, the bank “LOANS” it to the govt, with a rate of INTEREST. This means that every single unit of money has a fraction of DEBT associated with it. And how do you pay off that debt when you dont even have that amount from the start? The truth is that it can never be paid off, this is a FLAW! And the people who are NOT the administrators, those who have to work have to go into LABOUR and MANUAL jobs to pay off that debt, in short SLAVERY, but glorified as a means of self respect. Politicians cant solve our problems. The problem is:

We need money as an exchange for goods and services, BECAUSE these goods and services are not available to everyone, they are SCARCE, and only a few people can provide us with that, the government can. The solution to this dependence on these people is that if somehow we can create ABUNDANCE in our resources like water, energy, food. Politicians cant solve these problems, they are not trained to solve these problems and they just dont know how to!

Think about this, bharat bandh due to inflation. What is inflation? Inflation is a technique to control prices, according to the ratio of demand and supply. Decrease the supply, increase the prices, simple game to make more money. Anyway, you should know that so much of bad things are happening in this world, due to fossil fuels. Even wars happen over Oil, we know that. And also know this, we have technology today to harness the renewable energy sources, that can power us FOREVER. For example, Geothermal energy, the energy from the internal heat of the earth, has a potential of 20000 ZetaJoules per year, and the total energy demand of the earth is around 2 ZetaJoules per year, and since this energy is constantly renewed by the earth’s core, we wont have to burn any fossil fuel EVER! We have the technology, even countries like India can build geothermal power plants without much cost. But why is it not done?? Who’s getting hurt? We’ll be happy, but some people are getting really hurt! The Oil companies! If geothermal starts, oil companies would go in losses, big losses. It doesnt matter if its good for nature, these people are powerful! How? Some of these Oil companies are so rich, so rich, they are even richer than many developed countries of the world, and that’s a fact. And the same goes for the banks, especially private banks. This is where our beloved India is much better and choose not to have a completely Free market, Capitalist economy.

The big thing now is that we have nearly destroyed the earth, it may look good in your neighbourhood, but dont forget that just a few thousand years ago, our neighbourhood was the jungles and our homes were the trees. I say “just” in comparison to the 5 billion year old grand mommy mother earth which was in peace until we evolved. Now, like spoiled brats, we ruined the party coz of our own greed. But its not like humans are the bringers of DOOM. They have been given the TOP place of all lifeforms for a purpose, for protecting the earth, as well as reaching our highest potential in thought and technology. We can do that if instead of this corrupt monetary system, we start focusing on our resources. In a society as we live in today, we cant expect any person to be DECENT, everybody wears masks so that they can MAKE money. Face the truth, you know it, in our society today MONEY is god, the solution to all problems, even though its the biggest problem itself.

You might think that I’ve gone crazy, or I’m just another pessimistic doom speller…you can think for yourselves, you are a human, you have a brain and you can REASON, that’s how you are different from an animal, so just leave a comment of what you think of this.

By the way, all this stuff came into my mind after i watched 2 documentaries, Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist 2 (available for free on youtube). I couldn’t believe it all at once, so i REASONED and searched for more facts from present and past experiences and did find out that something is WRONG in the world today, and even if a little bit, i must do something.

Another mind boggling eeshanism!!


3 thoughts on “Something you should know…

  1. read noam chomsky’s “understanding power” next. then you’ll see how the economics that zietgiest unveils is linked to world politics, issues and policies(even major events), oh and media propaganda too… then you’ll get a better incling of how tremedous a challenge it is to change this……. for lack of a better word-‘system’

    1. sure will…as soon as i can…thanks for telling me about zeitgeist, otherwise i would still be living under an illusion. Even if it would be a great challenge to change this, we can at least stir up people’s mind by letting them know the truth.

  2. Hey eeshan well said,I also think that the whole system is a flaw.You know what that in US they are just printing dollar more and more in order to payoff their debts.This is the crisis that is going to haunt us in the near future.So may be in coming months or so we can see that the value of dollar will be less than that the cost of printing it…Imagine that the dollar is a standard currency of exchange throughout the world and devaluation of dollar would mean that hyper inflation throughout the world.

    Prepare urself buy as much gold/silver only these metals will have value in the future

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