Care about hunger? Just play on


We’re damn lucky to be where we are! There are people, millions of people around the world who belong to God’s forgotten children. They don’t have worries and troubles that we have, they don’t suffer from stress, heart attacks or any such lifestyle disorders. They have only ONE objective in life – to survive. They just need food, just some food that can keep them alive and they don’t even get that.

Why am I writing this here on an unknown internet blog of which these people have no idea? Because I think that even while living our perfectly selfish and carefree lives, we can help these people get some food. is a website that I stumbled upon a few months ago, which is run by the UN World Food Program, that provides 10 grains of rice for every correct answer we give to a simple quiz question. It’s as easy as that! The site even has multiple categories of quizzes, ranging from identifying countries, capitals, vocabulary, simple math, identifying chemical symbols and language quizzes. So, one do whatever is necessary to please the mind, and still help somebody in need.

So, If its not too difficult to gather some “time” for this activity, just grab your burgers, sandwiches and other junk food, give some answers and help a few hungry people get a handful of RICE!

(I’ve contributed around 10,000 grains so far, which is not even half my one time serving of rice, and I wont stop giving answers.)


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