Flowers on a branch (Part 1)

Twigs have been broken
A branch has been shaken
But the tree of life stands firm still
Unshaken, unaware of the kill


The leaves still move
To the light wind’s groove
The fallen ones let out their cry
Which is heard only by the sky


On one branch, A bunch of flowers did appear
When autumn was near
They bloomed with radiance
While others were on descent


They used to whisper, speak and laugh
And shield each other from the wind’s wrath
They used to shine in the night
They used to watch the birds’ flight
They used to wish for more might
But were soon to suffer the creator’s spite

And they did.


12 thoughts on “Flowers on a branch (Part 1)

      1. hmm thats the tragedy of life when u fall for something at that vry moment life starts to teach u to live without it by seperating us from it

  1. a small poem from a heart
    When i look into my heart ,I find u there
    When i find u there, there is someone to stare
    When i look into my soul,Its a Hollow bunch of air
    When i try to find out who is there,
    my heart replies love is in the air

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