What freedom means to me

 Like sunlight forcing its way through a cloudy screen,

and the thunder breaking all silence and serene,

a lotus glowing with its aura in a black swamp,

horses that run free on escaping from men’s camps,

a butterfly struggling to break its cocoon,

a lion hunting in the feeble light of the moon,

a wounded tigress defending her cubs and enduring all pain,

the birds slowly reaching their nests in the treacherous rain,

nature shows us the path to follow,

how to deal with life when it seems hollow,

make a stand for what you believe in,

stand up for it, never to cave in,

struggle is the beauty of life,

seeing someone break the limits of mind and body is a lovely sight,

when you can expand boundlessly do you feel free,

when you can write a poem without a topic do you feel free…


6 thoughts on “What freedom means to me

  1. dude..dude…dude..fantastic work..it reminds me of real marvellous works by englishmen..the flow took me to last with mind flowing by itself..
    lage raho ..dude..
    luv n luck

  2. eeshan the creative engineer.:-) u have wonderfully captured the essence of the word “struggle” with so many examples. good, keep it up. but ur poem does have a topic: “struggle”, so why say u write without a topic? wen u write a poem, u always hav a dominant feeling running in ur mind, which u want to explore, so that’s how u end up writing a poem. so, every poem has a topic, irrespective of whether the poet gives it one or not.

    1. Thanks Divya! This poem was actually written for a college competition and the last line was intended as a sucker punch for the teachers…;-) , who gave only 3 topics.
      But I do agree that while writing a poem, there is always “the” idea in the mind, but for me, a poem without a title looks so very interesting!!

      1. yes, i agree on that count, a poem without a title is really interesting. its like u want to express so many emotions that follow from that one emotion which inspires the poem… that’s the fun of writing, u leave the reader guessing as to wat is the main idea, or the “topic sentence” as swapan ma’am used to make us find in literature, remember?

  3. yeah..I do…but I don’t remember much of swapan madam’s lectures…I was awake only when it was my turn to read…rest of the time it was just daydreaming time…

    an untitled poem is really exciting for the one who writes it, and maybe also for the one reading…and by the time the reader is done, the title should be clear in the mind…

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