My Ancient Drawings

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The remarks are from my Mom. I always used to run after her to see my drawings the moment I finished them, I still do so, and now with my friends. If I make something, I just ‘need’ to show it to someone…If you’re reading this, then you probably have got an email from me begging you to visit this blog and you might find it a bit annoying, but you’re my friend, so it doesn’t matter…Open-mouthed smile


6 thoughts on “My Ancient Drawings

  1. wow, dint know the head boy n topper n the geek n the poet is an artist too, n a gud one for that matter. the portraits r really good, sply swami vivekananda, u get the expressions really right.

    a suggestion, y dont u supplement ur poems with drawings, which express the underlying emotion f dat poem.. it wud be great…

    1. thank you so much divya…these drawings are really ancient…I ‘was’ an artist…dropped the hobby after school…but I shall redeem my lost talent again soon.

      You’re suggestion is absolutely brilliant…rather genius…I never thought of this before…I will definitely do this from now on…this might just be the beginning of a new genre of poetry…ha ha ha

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