At peace with Greenpeace


Two days ago, at Botanical Gardens Metro station, while going back home from my new workplace, I heard a guy’s voice from my left, he asked, “Sir, Do you have 5 minutes for the environment?”. I looked, saw a 6 ft. tall smiling man, probably south Indian. I nonchalantly said, “No, I’m in a hurry”, then he gave an even bigger smile and said, “It’s Ok!”, and I rushed up the elevator, through the security check and bang into the crowded metro which was coincidentally just waiting there.

As I found a place to stand and was still, something snapped! I spoke in my head, “Eeshan, Ye tune kya kiya abhi?”. Someone asked me if I had 5 minutes for the environment and I said that I was in a hurry! What if the reverse would happen…I’m asking the environment if it has 5 minutes for the humans and it says that it’s in a hurry…we’ll all be dead! Although this is an impossible scenario…but you get the idea! Man!!! I felt so guilty at that time, it was as if I had a 100kg weight put on my head. I got an opportunity to finally do something about the thing I felt so strongly, and I just blew it, shamefully blew it! And even more shameful was that I accepted the guilt as some unavoidable regret and forgot about it by the time I reached home. Now that I recall this, I should have been punished for this. People always say that I’m too sensitive about things, and take things too seriously. I was feeling guilty for not taking an opportunity I never asked for in the first place, but that’s what I always ‘hope’ for…something unknown.

Today, I got the HCL bus service availed but decided to go by metro anyway, wanted to be late for no reason. I reached the metro at 6.30, was nearly running towards the elevator, when I heard the same phrase that tormented my conscience two days ago, in a different voice, from a different direction, from a different person, but directed towards the same guilty me. “Sir, Do you have 5 minutes for the environment?”, I looked at the north east Indian guy on my right, smiled, and in a loud voice said, “YES! I DO!”, without a fraction of second wasted on any kind of thinking. Man! Did that feel good? Oh yes! He introduced himself as a Greenpeace activist, looking for donations from individuals. Of course, I knew all about Greenpeace, I have been signing petitions for various issues for the past year through their website. He told me about their campaigns against nuclear power plants in various parts of the country, and how they were spreading the word about solar energy as a renewable energy source. I said, I have a better idea, use Geo-Thermal energy, building plants is easy, and since it’s the energy from the earth’s internal heat, it never finishes, and is easier to harvest than solar energy. The guy (I didn’t know his name…so he was “the guy”) called his senior, asked if I would join Greenpeace, use my ideas, write blogs on their site, support them physically in their campaigns, and also through money. I agreed to everything, I really really meant it, because I do want to put my thoughts into action, and this is one portal for the release of that energy. I also agreed to donate 250rs a month directly through my bank account to Greenpeace. They gave their contacts, some pamphlets and literature, and shook hands before seeing me off. I felt really good throughout my metro journey as I am feeling good now.

I don’t really know what I’ll do now as a Greenpeace member, maybe I’ll just forget about it or maybe I’ll nag my friends to death, trying to make them join Greenpeace too. But, whatever it is, that guilt is washed away, lucky me…I got another chance to do that, some will say…you idiot, these guys are always begging for money near metros, and these ‘some’ are the same as I was two days ago.

Hey you!! Yes you!! The one who’s reading this…believe me…I’ve found some peace here…just a bit, but its there…yeah!


2 thoughts on “At peace with Greenpeace

  1. like they say, charity starts at home. u can do loads for the envt. start with small steps like switching off extra lights, using water judiciously, taking a walk or a cycle rickshaw instead of the car, stop using plastic bags, take ur own shopping bag…contributing money ain’t enough.. u got to be committed to the cause.

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