A Failure’s Friend

Loosen up, lighten up dear friend,
this mistake is easy to mend,
you’re still alive and you’re still breathing,
so with this gloomy face, who are you deceiving?

You lost something, sure you did,
you worked so hard since you were a kid,
is it time, that you lost? I don’t think so…
all these years made you tough, yeah they did so!

Look at yourself, look at your face,
do you really think that you’re a disgrace?
sinner you are if you think so low,
rise up now, be one with the flow.

Why? you ask, do I speak so much?
Why? you ask, do I trouble you such?
A friend am I, and here I say,
to trouble your troubles and make them go away.

Not much can I do, just speak and speak,
good words to make you feel that you’re not weak,
you must break the bonds of your ego,
and fly away with me…AMIGO! 😉


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