rize n fall of da txt msg :(

I got my first cellphone when I was in class 11th. It was a ‘big deal’ at that time! Nokia 3120 (it was hard searching for the exact number on Google!), my introduction to the hip and happening form of communication, Text Messaging or SMS.

Some of the words I came across, when I received messages from my friends. was totally bewildering to me, take for example:

  • da (huh?)
  • wat (it’s spelled Watt, but what do you mean by this?)
  • btw (correction dude, its BMW!)
  • tmrw (I know what you mean, but you ate up a lot of letters here…)
  • coz (cause or because?)

and the most amazing one…

  • :-p (what’s with the p?)

Laugh all you want, this was new to me!! But soon I got used to it, and started churning out my own concoctions of slang messages, mixed with poetry, even rap! It was fun, while those who received it, enjoyed it.

But soon, along with me, a lot of people were getting good at sending messages, that too to a lot of people all at once.  Thus, came the dawn of SPAM.

SPAM – Sick People Advertising Messages

First, I used to wonder how many people I gave my number to! But, as you know now, it was like a disease, never asks for your identity and affects everyone. And the effect was obvious, I was doomed!

  • Most people thought that my original and awesome poetry was a ‘FWD’! (didn’t believe me even if I told them!)
  • When I sent links to my blog or website, it was considered SPAM! (they thought someone hacked my phone! )

Even replying to a message is not necessary anymore, it’s just another notification in your cellphone, isn’t it?Personally, only around 2 out of every 10 friends actually reply, the rest tell me ‘I read your message’, when and if I meet them! What’s the point of sending in the first place then?

Well, to be fair, and to be conclusive, I guess all this is due to the flood of information that we urban people get all day long, not just on our cellphones, but every other electronic media around, the TV, especially the computers, advertising everywhere, we’re only so smart, us humans.

P.S.: No offense to my buddies who always have lovely TXT chats with me. 🙂 😉 and :-p


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