Gandhi’s Mantra

When you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you,
apply the following test:–
Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man
whom you may have seen.
Then you will find your doubt and your ‘self’ melting away.

I always saw this quote written on the front page of my Bal Bharti school text books, there was definitely more to it, but this is all I can remember. I couldn’t really understand the gist of these words, or how my doubts would melt away when I picture a poor man. I never understood what it meant, but it was always there in my memory, like some book I bought for my self, but never read it.

Years went by after school, I’ve grown up now, seeing the world through my own eyes, out of the protective shell of my parents, feeling for my self, the things I was never meant to feel.

I’ve seen men, women and children in utterly miserable conditions, some not even having the strength to beg, looking like characters out of Davy Jones’ crew, filth beyond filthy, like those rejected by God, the damned, they were people just like me. The only difference being in the fact that I’ll be going to hell after I die, but they’ll have hell right here while alive.

I know what this mantra means now.

It’s a question, a contemplation, an inner reflection, and a sense of direction. We have doubts all the time, tensions, stresses, problems of all kinds, big ones and many small ones. But I don’t think any of our problems is anywhere near the ones these unlucky people have.Whether their problems are by fate or by their own misdeeds, they suffer, and we don’t.

Personally speaking, I take 500% more tension than a normal person, because I take on hundreds of different things at the same time, in turn neglect my body, then take tension of that, and so on. I hope that I realize soon, that in this big big world, I am one the very few privileged ones to have everything I want, besides the basic necessities. So , why don’t I just stop all this indecision and doubtfulness, and take on life as a job that needs to be done, honestly and enjoyably, so maybe one day I gather enough strength to help those who help me dispel my doubts.

Image courtesy: ToonPool


6 thoughts on “Gandhi’s Mantra

  1. I agree with PCC that is a beautiful quote indeed. We should all know what is truly important long-term…and also recognize the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Our alleged problems pale in comparison to others’.

  2. this is a wonderful post! Now I see why I feel most invincible in the face of the poorest.. i really find comfort in knowing this kind of existence. It’s like being connected down to my very roots, that I don’t have anything to worry about or be arrogant about. It’s the feeling of totally being not in control. It’s

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