Delhi Bombed and Quaked!

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Yesterday on 7th September 2011, my city Delhi had a really really bad day! Two disasters on the same day!

First, the Delhi High Court got bombed in the morning, many people died and many more got seriously injured. It was a terrorist attack, we don’t know who it was as of yet. It doesn’t really matter who it was, all I know is that people died who didn’t deserve to, I could have been there for any reason, but they were the unlucky ones. Damn, it shakes me up to see all this, such an uncertain life! I can feel for those who died, even more for those who are left behind, that is sad, very sad.

The sanity brought about by civilization rests in equilibrium with the insanity of war, terrorism and politics all stemming from the one root, that is, money.

In the night, when all this was nearly forgotten already as is a usual effect of the information overload we face through media and technology, another shock struck. It was a SHOCK WAVE rather! I was lying on my bed, just watching an episode of Jack Bauer’s 24, when almost everything in the room shock wildly, the fans, the furniture, everything. It was the strongest Earthquake I’ve ever felt! My brother was also in the room, and we just ran towards Mom and Dad’s room, and all the neighbors rushed out of their homes within minutes. We were lucky it lasted for a few seconds, If it had been even 10-15 seconds more, the buildings would have foundered for sure!

If I take this into the large, these are the times we live in, life is but a fleeting moment, which could be taken away as soon as it can be felt, but we have to move on anyway.


8 thoughts on “Delhi Bombed and Quaked!

  1. That’s right. It was nature’s way of reminding us that in spite of all that we have built using technology needs just one stroke to get destroyed by her fury.
    so, lets be good and live every moment of the precious life we have.

  2. Here where I live, I’ve never experienced anything like that… besides the financial crises (which is pretty much global) we sort of live in a quiet place, without direct wars or catastrophes in the last years. So, everyday when I see the news on TV it’s like the big catastrophes happen so far away, almost like in a story if you know what I mean. But now, reading this, it doesn’t feel so far away. It could happen anywhere, anytime. We might as well live our lives the best we can now. I hope everything turns out fine not only in India, but in every country or city that’s needing our hopes right now!

    1. It’s a hard truth that things like these don’t just stop, not until money and power are running our world.
      As you said, our duty is to live a life that does not hurt others, rather helps them, in no matter how insignificant a proportion.
      But I do hope that your hopes are fulfilled everywhere.

      1. It’s true – money and power run the world. This kind of issues will never change, only God can stop it. I don’t know if you believe in God, I do and I have many reasons to, and honestly that’s my only true hope for all the problems we live in, because we have seen that mankind can’t make life better, not in actions, not even in our deepest hopes. But it’s good to help, and I will always try to help by doing by best.

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