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How to stay Fit – For people who sit all day!

There’s an old proverb in the English language,

A healthy man makes no enemies.

You might not have heard of it yet, because I made it, and there’s still some time before I become famous 😉

Anyway, in this post I’d like to share with you some tips on being fit, especially If you’re that very common unlucky soul, that has a job in which your most common physical activity is sitting (in front of a computer). You can guess I’m one of them and I’d like to tell you some things that might help you if think such a job is a problem for your heath (and wealth, in my case :P)

OK, so here’s some things about getting and staying fit that I’d like to tell you. I’m sure you want to look like this… 😉Well, maybe not that much, but even losing that ugly flab will be acceptable, as is for me too.

  • Just make sure that you “want” to be fit. Desire and discipline will go hand in hand.
  • Weight problem?…Burn more calories than you eat, and you’ll lose weight.
  • Flab problem?…Cut down on junk, eat more fruits, drink more water and a daily exercise routine. (this is definitely harder than losing weight)

Some exercises you can do, with no equipment and no time constraint.

At Home: (easiest and most important on top of the list)

  • Yoga – It might not burn many calories, but it’ll definitely freshen you up. (go to YouTube to learn some poses)
  • Stretching – Don’t like yoga, then just do basic stretching of your body parts for a few minutes)
  • Jumping (like a dog!!)
  • Pushups – They’re not difficult, no matter what anybody tells you, for girls or for boys. Just start with a few reps and then increase as you go.
  • Jogging / Static Bicycle / Skipping or anything else that you like to do.

At Work: (even if you don’t have time!)

  • Stairs – Now this has got to be tough!! 😉
  • Walking – Just twice a day, between meals, for 5 minutes. (Again, a tough one!!)
  • Destroy your computer! (No matter how much you want to do it, I can understand if you can’t. :D)

No matter how much you think is important for you in here, I just want to stress on ONE thing.

Whatever you want do to get in shape, just do it daily!


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