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Get more sleep!!

This is one thing that I do not get easily! Things were different a few years back when I was in school. College was generally relaxed but unbelievably hectic during exam time, and in Engineering, we had a lot of exams! Now, it’s been a year in an IT job, and it’s turned out to be as tough as an Army job!

I’ve read stuff on the internet, and got to know that getting less sleep leads to a multitude of problems for your body, such as:

  • Getting fat – there’s goes the last post down the drain!
  • Losing hair – ask me 😦
  • Lack of Concentration – your mind needs to cool down, it will if you give it a chance
  • Decrease in Logical Reasoning ability – don’t know how, but it does happen
  • Feeling exhausted all day – obviously!

I know all this, but still get to sleep for just 5 hours a day. All my time gets consumed like this:

Job + MBA Prep + Workouts + Traveling + Eating + Hobbies = Minimal Sleeping 😦

I encourage you too get as much sleep as possible (just enough so that people don’t think you’re lazy!), it’s good for health, a natural healer, and the only way to do it perhaps is to give it more priority than some of the other stuff you do.

I’ll try to find a way to get more sleep, but in case you have anything, do tell me.


6 thoughts on “Get more sleep!!

  1. Yes Mr. engineer, i do have a solution. So, in the words of an economist, i would say, for the short term, you may cut down on hobbies and workouts, and substitute them for the time being with sleep. Because, working out without adequate sleep is only going to leave you more tired, lack of concentration and loss of logical reasoning ability!
    So, a short term compromise will prove to be beneficial for the long term.
    And as a warning, an MBA course is very hazardous for your health, so pursue an MBA AYOR.

    1. Your comment does justice to your intelligence. That sounds fair enough for me. I’ve already made a contingency routine based on your advice, lets see if it works out.
      But MBA is one thing that will do, even if it means having an arm wrestling match with Sunny Deol!!

  2. Maybe thats why I loose so much hair… and I’m a girl I need to care about the beauty stuff 😀 well, I’m not sure I can help, I kinda have the same problem… but one thing I can tell you, if you can’t sleep then just do something productive, you know what they say – sleeping is a waist of time…!!

    1. So right you are Sara! Sleeping is definitely a waste of time, especially for brilliant minds like us 😉
      But my problem is not that I can’t sleep, its that I’m doing too many things to find time to sleep :p. Seems like cutting down on the creative budget would be the only option to secure a longer life for this body.

      1. Well if you’re not healthy, your brain won’t work as it should, so it’s probably a good thing for you to do…! And by the way, loved how you called us “brilliant minds” ahah 😀

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