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Eeshan and Family in Jaipur

Got up early, got the car fueled up and sped away onto NH-8. The Srivastavas were on their way to the historical, royal city of Jaipur, capital of the princely state of Rajasthan. Although my dad goes there for conferences every month or so, it was the first time for me, mum and my younger bro Anik in Jaipur. Also known as The Pink City and the City of Palaces, it was always one place we wanted to go, and was also at an approachable distance of 275 km from Delhi. It took us 7 hrs to get there!! Thanks to unusually thick traffic and an accident we had midway! Nobody was hurt though, except for our car and the other victims car. It took an hour to settle the dispute on whose fault it was, but we ended it just okay.
We checked into Hari Mahal Palace, a heritage hotel by 1.40 pm, for which I had made the arrangements (I’m earning now ;)) Had a very nice lunch there. Then we hired a cab whose driver whom my dad knew doubled as a guide to show us the main attractions of the city.
First was the Jaipur City Palace, which belonged to Maharaja Sawai Man Singh and his lineage. It was pretty nice, kind of a museum. We thought about going to Jantar Mantar, but dropped the idea, since the one in Delhi even doesn’t intrigue us much.
Second, we went to Jal Mahal. Now this was something! A palace in the middle of a huge lake, surrounded by hills. You get the picture huh? The lake fish were a pampered lot, super hungry guys, gobbled up all fish food we gave them in seconds.
Then, we went to few of their marketplaces where mum did her shopping, it was pretty nice, but I’m like dead weight when I go shopping with anyone :P.
Then we went to the highly anticipated and highly recommended Chokidhani, some 40 km outside the city. It’s a ‘five star’ cultural themed eating place. The queue to enter this place was really long considering how expensive the place was. It was cultural alright, rajasthani folk dances, puppet n magic shows, handicrafts and lots of things like these. But the food was ‘royal’ rajasthani, which I personally hate! I just cant live without Punjabi food or Chinese as the second option. Even mum didn’t like the place.
So, we left after taking a short tour and returned to the hotel, where at the moment everyone’s asleep and I’m just about to finish this post. Tomorrow we’ll see a few more places, especially the majestic Amer Fort on the hills. All I pray for before going to bed is that we reach home tomorrow safe and sound after having fun in this Royal City of Jaipur.
Good Night my dear friends. 🙂


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