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Procrastinators Arise!! … tomorrow.

I call upon all the procrastinators in the world, I know there are a lot you out there,to say just one thing to you. Ahhh…I’ll say it tomorrow.

[One Day Passes]

(It really does! How would you know??) Now that we’re still here, I would like you to know some things about our type of people…species.

Why we ROCK

  1. We take things easy, hence suffer less stress!
  2. We are non violent.
  3. We are always ON time, ON time, never before or after. Super quality!
  4. We respect other people’s lives, so we don’t bother them too much.
  5. We KNOW the importance of TOMORROW!

Why we DON’T

  1. All of the above.

Personally, I feel procrastinating is a serious misuse of life! There is so much to do everyday. If we don’t feel like doing something, or just don’t like some particular task, just getting it over with is much better than stalling it indefinitely, which is what always happens with me.

Although there are a lot of things that I procrastinate over, this happens to me most often with the dentist. I seriously honestly dislike dentists! And its got nothing to do with the kind of person he/she actually is. I just hate them, and I hate what they do. Due to this, I stall the appointments for months, even forget about them if I can, and inevitably it leads to my teeth going into pain mode, and I just have to go to a dentist no matter what. And boy, they charge a lot!!

I know a lot of people are like this, it s a common thing, but its better not to be like this, its not good! I’d like to know where you procrastinate, might be funny or embarrassing, but at least it’ll be in your mind next time you stall it. 😛


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