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Office Decorations – The Good and the Bad

The festival of lights, Deepawali is just 2 days away, and as celebration event, our company decided to host an ODC (Offshore Develpment Center) Decoration contest in our HCL SEZ buildings. (It’s a a pretty big area, so we’ve got a lot of ODC’s for different clients, also known as Projects. Mine is for Symantec Corp, and we put our name in the roster for this contest. We did what we could and in the end, there was good and some bad to take from this day.

The Good

  • The Youngsters of the Project, especially my team, Automation Team enthusiastically worked for decoration from 8.45 AM to 3.30 PM, without a lunch break! Phew…my stomach was growling like a Minotaur by then. :p
  • Our theme was Art and Craft to bring out the spirit of Deepawali, which is Joy and Happiness. I was the Art and Craft guy in this case and managed to make –
    • around 30-40 paper birds of different sizes
    • 10 paper hearts
    • 10 paper drops
    • painting with fingers! 😀
  • We decorated all the lights with glittery stuff :p and stars.
  • Flowers on all the cubicles, plus handmade garlands and colors along the lines of the floor.
  • And we tried a lot of different stuff in the time we had.
The Bad
  • The Youngsters made up around 5 folks plus a 3-4 senior ones whom I knew, so they joined in. The whole ODC had 40-50 people, who were purportedly “very busy”.
  • By lunch time, the atmosphere was such that it felt like we were actually “disturbing” them by doing all this stuff!! Some of the managers even started to get agitated and started making remarks. (A volcano erupted inside of me!)
  • I hate all those ignorant people now, more than I did before.
Anyway, those of us who did take part, enjoyed it a lot. I wasn’t even wearing my shoes for over two hours as I had to climb up to hang stuff, that felt really good, and above all, I went to office in Kurta and Jeans!! 😀
STFU you dress code imposers!!! Ha ha ha!! 😀
Here are a few pics…

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