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Metallica – Welcome to India!

One of the most awaited days for me in recent past, was finally here today. I had the tickets, hopped onto the metro, took me 90 mins to reach IFFCO Chowk, and then met up with friends and reached Leisure Valley Grounds where the stage was set up. The “Metal Fans” started to show up when I was in the metro, and they were all around when I finally reached the place. It actually felt like I was going to a Heavy Metal Concert!

Long line to get in, but we made it well before time. We had the tickets for the back section (they were cheaper, but still expensive!), but I didn’t expect it to be SO FAR BACK! There was no way to tell who was on stage! It was miles back, but we did have a big screen, so it wasn’t much of an issue. The show was to start in 30 mins, then they had a problem with the front barrier, they asked people to move back, nobody moved. After half an hour, they had the same problem, asked people to move back, nobody moved. After another half hour, same thing, … nobody moved!

We were taking pics and enjoying the wait anyway, because we knew it was worth it! The big guns of metal, were finally here, and were just about to open shop.

At 6 pm, they said they had some “technical issues”, Metallica was not there, they were in a press conference at their hotel, and they’ll play tomorrow. Well, that was OK, wasn’t it?

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! They actually said all that to an aggressive, teenage, metal hungry DELHI crowd!!! I’ve been here long enough to know that it had to hurt the famous EGO of Delhiites, and I fled away from the grounds with my friends as fast I can, because I was in no mood for a fight here. While we were leaving, we could hear “breaking” sounds, and it was confirmed by the time I reached home, that the crowd “dismantled” the stage and the show was CANCELLED!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Metallica – Welcome to India!

  1. that’s real bad. Delhites are leaving a very bad image of themselves on the international circuit. Indians, when shall we learn manners ans civic sense?

    1. Besides the crowd, the organizers did a pathetic job!!
      The american guy kept shouting on the mic, ‘fuckin listen to me you buttheads’ and the one of the indian counterparts bellowed ‘jai bajrang bali!’
      This was enuf for an already inebriated crowd!!

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