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Favorite Animated Movies

If you’re one of those, who like to watch movies with a message, or movies who leave you with some sort of an impression, usually positive, then you will agree that animated movies do fulfill these requirements. I am a big fan of animated movies, although its ironical that only a few that are released in a year are actually good and the rest are just amateur efforts.

Now here’s a list of my favorite ones:

10. Wall.E

9. Aladdin

8. Ratatouille

7. Up

6. Despicable Me

5. Beauty and the Beast

4. How To Train Your Dragon

3. The Lion King

2. Toy Story 3

1.  Tangled

This is not a ranking or something like that, just a list of the BEST, GREATEST, SUPER DUPER movies of all times! You DO NOT have to be a kid to watch and enjoy them. Do tell me which one’s your favorite!!

Oh…wait, how could I forget this one?? 😉

Kung Fu Panda 2


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