Consider this. You, as a person, have a life, given that you are not among the downtrodden, and are bound by a routine and daily needs of your body and mind. You have a certain mien, a mannerism, or the way you go about your day, whether you are in control or not, you know you will get through and return to your normal self.
There are, however, certain conditions under which a person will deviate from the normal and transcend to another level. Whether this transcendence is ascension or decent, is a matter of what those conditions are that PROVOKE you to do so.

Question: What will make you ditch your old life and start a new one?


2 thoughts on “Provocation

    1. First, petty human problems do not affect me.
      Next closest thing is anything said or done against my parents or lil brother…it has not come close to this yet and hopefully it never will.
      Your turn.

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