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My Reading List

I’ve got back to reading after a long time, and it must happen with most people, a habit like reading really sticks to you in the most pleasant way. The following is my reading list for this year and next year…and FYI, I read all these on my LG Optimus One! 😛


In Progress

To Do

Last three are very important!!!

As you can see, these are mostly classics. I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn towards these great ones, even though I do read novels as well, which aren’t bad at all, but these books have an aura of their own, or shall I call them e-books. 😉

AND, I will write the two things I mentioned in an earlier post, before this year ends!!


8 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. all classics here!!! good. Picture of Dorian Gray is my personal favourite. And FYI, i have heard most of them in audio format!!! 😉

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