The Art of Poetry

I was wondering if there was any science or some sort of discipline behind a subject like Poetry, which, on the contrary, is always believed to be the opposite of discipline, like the more care free and unrestricted form of expression. I asked Mr.Google with a few keywords, and he was pretty generous in his help.
There’s something known as “Prosody”, that studies the various mechanics of poetry like rhyme, meter, and the like. Would it be correct to say, that If you know stuff like this, you’ll be a better poet?
I will ponder over this sometime, once I’m over with my exams. 🙂

But Google Baba led me to nice place on the net, where I found a literary work titled, “The Art of Poetry” by a 17th Century French Poet and Critic, Despréaux. Here are the opening lines. I think its pretty cool 🙂

Rash Author, ’tis a vain presumptuous Crime
To undertake the Sacred Art of Rhyme ;
If at thy Birth the Stars that rul’d thy Sence
Shone not with a Poetic Influence :
In thy strait Genius thou wilt still be bound,
Find Phoebus deaf, and Pegasus unsound.
You then, that burn with the desire to try
The dangerous Course of charming Poetry ;
Forbear in fruitless Verse to lose your time,
Or take for Genius the desire of Rhyme :
Fear the allurements of a specious Bait,
And well consider your own Force and Weight.


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