History of Food

Is what we need to live, to survive, to be happy and content. I’m not an epicure but I’m gonna tell you a history of food, as I know it.

Mankind started off with leaves, grass and fruit while we were apes.
Took to raw flesh when we learned hunting.
When we understood fire, we began to roast and grill.
We discovered veggies when we learned of mother earth and her fertility.
In ancient greece, at the same time, we made alcohol, loved it, and havent left it ever since.
Fishing was learned, so we got hooked on to sea food.
Kings started to rise, then they wanted something special; thus rose the chefs.
Africa still had cannibals, who were quite rude to say the least.
We learned to domesticate, and from then afterwards, we’ve been having eggs and milk for breakfast.
We had archers, then shooters, thus we got the birds.
Dark ages were bright for chefs, they had to experiment or die.
Alcohol was pretty much a hit all this time.
Hashish, ganja, marijuana were godly herbs reserved only for the kings.
Industrial revolution, mass production, death of innovation.
Capitalism, free competition, rise of fast food, death of good health.
Information technology, sit at one place, get fat, get sick, and finally were back to leaves, grass and fruits.

Full circle of food, but are we going back to being apes?


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