Sunny Morning … on my desk!

The blinds over the windows are pulled up today, which is quite an unusual thing in my ODC. As a result, sunlight and that warmth of morning is flowing inside, and the whole placing is glowing with a very natural luminosity. Maybe all this “positive” energy urges me to open up wordpress in my browser. Moreover, they’ve added a snowfall effect here, which just adds to the pleasantness of my mind this morning. It’s 10 o’clock, just 3-4 colleagues have arrived, a couple of them are online on the communicator, it’s quite peaceful.

As I type this, our big boss just walked in to his cabin, Mr. Sanjoy Ghosh. He’s usually the first one to be in office, even before I arrive, I’m almost always 2nd :P. He’s an hour late today, but as always, has his headphones on, talking to clients, now setting up his laptop and straight to work. He’s the Director here, the BU head, not my immediate boss though.

I just got an idea. Why not describe my surroundings here…I think that’s a good timepass, since I’m not in the mood for working right now.

Hey…we don’t have cubicles here 😦 The whole ODC has different sized compartments, with the partitions just tall enough, so that anyone can see anyone’s head, while sitting. The sizes are according to the seniority of the employees here, with the big single ones for managers, the small single occupancy for project leads, and the dual/triple occupancy for lead and software engineer folk like me. We’re the labor class. πŸ˜› The big boss has his own cabin, and there’s a big conference room, a printer bay, a server room and a couple of smaller call rooms. That’s about everything in my ODC – Offshore Development Center … fancy na? πŸ˜‰

My compartment is a bit interesting. We have three computers here, unlike others which have only two. I share this compartment with my lead, Mr. Dapinder Singh, a jolly jolly good fellow πŸ™‚ The third computer is a QTP Server (I’ll spare you the tech stuff! ;)) Now on the small walls of my compartment, we have a lot of small posters and papers stuck up, some related to work, some are those typical success tips. (I didn’t get those!) And I just got a red ribbon pinned below my name tag, by my team mates, “as a supporter of world AIDS day”.

Huhh…there won’t be no work today. Why? It’s a secret. I’ll tell you about it. πŸ™‚

Adios Amigos.

Buena Suerte!


10 thoughts on “Sunny Morning … on my desk!

  1. Hello Eeshan! Once again you blog is totally different since my last visit and for the best (as always!) I’m trying to start writing again, and as I was trying to create a new post I remembered I haven’t visit for centuries all the blogs I used to visit, so here I am… ahah

    Seems like I missed a lot but I enjoyed the description, very realistic πŸ˜€ since I do have to work today (we can’t all be lucky!), I will go ahead and do it, but I’ll stop by more often from now on!

    Keep up, sir!

    1. Hey!! So nice to have you back on my blog! πŸ˜€
      I was wondering where you went off to … πŸ˜› Can’t wait to read your posts again!

      I love changing the looks of my blog, this one’s givin off a good piscean feel na?
      And you know what, we had a picnic that day, went to a lake resort outside the city, songs in the bus, jamming and bonfire and food and cake, and we just had lots of fun πŸ˜€

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