It’s too fast now. Life is just too fast.

I feel like I’m living in a world ruled by schedules and timelines, milestones and deliveries, code and documents, fake smiles and controlled aggression … money and position.
This my friends, is called, having a job.

But it feels so sad to know, that the things I really like to do, are so within reach, yet I will dare not do them, rather, not waste time doing them.
Waste time!
How could you ever know when you’re wasting time? Am I wasting time right now, typing this on my cell, in the dark, the only sounds to be heard is my thumb tapping and the wall clock ticking, is this a waste?

This is shit. But I’ll clean it up. One of these days …

I know I have the Crown Jewels in my friends and family though, and also my blog buddies, so, it balances out.

Life is perfect 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Equilibrium

  1. sad, but true, today, while leaving office at 8:30 PM in the evening, having done tons of work and not eaten one proper meal in the day, i realised, life was so great an year back in college.
    sigh!!! why do i have to find time to do things i love doing? shouldn’t they be just natural, a part of my everyday living?

    1. Yes. You’ve made an excellent point. They should be a part of your daily life. IF people can understand this, happiness would not be a difficult thing to achieve.

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