The CAT Result and an Introspection

The Common Admission Test is taken by graduates from all over the country to get admission into the best business schools. I was one of them, who took the CAT for the year 2011 in November. Its one of the toughest and most competitive exams in the world.

I am a Software Engineer who wants to be an Enterprenuer one day. For which, a degree is not required, but if I get one from a big brand B School, it would make life easier and more money would start flowing in, or so I think it should be the case. Hence, after a few months into my first job, I decided to go for the CAT, self study initially, then take coaching classes for a few months, be fully prepared, get a score of 99 percentile and get into the IIMs.

I did all that, except for the last part, which is what ultimately matters. I got 79.33 percentile. It wont get me into ANY B School. Some of my friends also took the CAT and some of those did really well, for whom I am truly happy, as they have been sharing their tensions, stress and anxiety, thus, it is now my duty to share their happiness. (As a matter of fact, I now take pride in claiming to have almost total control over Envy.)

As for me, this score has closed some doors for me, but while I wait for my next turn, it has brought me a lot of clarity, and a sudden impulsive return to my 3 historicals. (Myth :p). There are no excuses, but I can think of reasons.

  • Lack of Practice
  • Lack of Desire
  • Job

And I do quite well in my job, I have proved it many times. Excellence and success are not alien to me, I have been there many times before. But here is the question. Why not here?

Today, while travelling back home in my office bus, I was talking to my friend, who is also in a similar situation. While trying to reduce his degree of despair, I uttered some words that made a lot of sense. They were of course, based on my learnings of the 3 historicals, but in my own words. They were an answer to the following questions.

How do you make time for things that you WANT to do, and things that you HAVE to do? How do you save energy for both? And how do you EXCEL in both?

The answer: Zero Resistance, Acceptance and Cheerfulness. (ZAC)

  • Offer Zero Resistance and impose no bounds in situations that may seem difficult or plain boring.
  • Accept the things, the job and the people you have to live with.
  • And lastly, be cheerful all the time. Make work your play time, enjoy it, be effortless, and you will not be tired, you will feel empowered. A great man said, ‘Being cheerful is a sign of being religious.’

This year has just begun, I will turn 23 in March, time is on my side, my parents are on my side, god is on my side, and I keep my friends at my side anyway. Great things are about to happen. I will follow my own philosophy (ZAC) as I wrote above and put it to the test.

P.S: I’ll format this in the morning, feeling sleepy, and typing so much on a phone is tiring 😛 (done it!)

Good Night

God Bless 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The CAT Result and an Introspection

  1. ZAC is really great
    Follow it and success will be at your doorstep
    As i Must say Acceptance is the most key factor everywhere whether it be a relation or regarding goals. you must be always ready to face whatever u do

  2. Wow ! CAT is my dream too 😉 And IIM is totally cool na ? 😛 (Especially after reading 2 States ! KIDDING ! ) and Im sorry , U couldn’t get into it .. Never mind , follow life’s path , and wait for things to unfold 🙂 Great days ahead 🙂

    Cranky me ^_^

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