Sunset above the clouds.

They say sunsets are romantic. Symbolic of love and tranquility. I feel what makes a sunset effuse so much peace is the beautiful amalgamation of colors, with perfect mixing of shades and a gradual change towards darkness, and you keep your eyes fixed, mesmerized by such divinity.

I saw a special sunset yesterday. It was above the clouds! I was in an airplane, on my way back to Delhi from Bangalore. It was a family outing, and this was the best thing I saw in the whole trip. It was so beautiful, I just kept looking at it, and didn’t even take a pic, rather I decided on making a drawing of this image.

I used an A4 sheet and some crayons, and made this in an hour. A drawing of mine after almost 2 years. Tell me how it is. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunset above the clouds.

  1. well, i perfectly picturized the sunset in my mind wen i read ur words. and when i saw this picture, i read some words forming in my mind to describe it!

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