Do I deserve that Cheese anyway?

I love cheese! I eat it when I feel like. Unlike Jerry mouse, I don’t have to steal, I get it anyway, and I have no Tom waiting to catch me.
Life’s too easy!


So here I am, going to turn 23 next week, in the ‘prime’ of my life, at the intersection of my past, present and future. I’m the Shahrukh Khan who doesn’t know about bollywood yet. 😛

It is only a direction I seek and that is what eludes me. I want my ‘calling’, and I want it now. Some people know what they want to do in life from childhood itself, they just know how to do it, and why to do it, and some find it after trying and failing at things they think they might love to do, these people are experimenters. And then there’s me, I’ve tried different things all my life, never failed at any, but never stuck to any one thing either. It’s like I lack the glue factor that makes you stick to something.

And that’s when I think, maybe there’s a master plan of which I’m a part, the secret to which hasn’t been revealed yet, maybe I’m just getting toughened up for the real challenge, one that will finally turn me into a man from a boy that I am!

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One thought on “Do I deserve that Cheese anyway?

  1. Well, it’s ok, sum of r best talents. Turnip at the most unexpected times.have faith and patience and it shall all reveal itself. And u ll know the purpose of ur life. Believe me, we all do . ” I don’t know where I m going but I like the direction”

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