Once upon a time – Episode One

Today I will write a story, my way. 😉

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was an ancient tree, a tree of gargantuan proportions. Its base was many miles across in width, the trunk of the tree towered above like a mountain of wood, an unusual mountain, full of life and vigor. It’s branches spread out even further, the leaves looked like green clouds from beneath, each one as big as a house. As you can comprehend, it was no ordinary tree, it was a tree that was nurtured by the hand of god himself!

Within this gigantic arboreal realm, was built an edifice of such grandeur that only a poet of the ancient order such as Dante would be able to aptly describe it. I insist you read the next paragraph and close your eyes for a moment afterwards to imagine this unreal and nonpareil beauty.

The edifice was a castle, a white castle, all of which was made up entirely of Spider’s silk! From one branch to another, countless threads of silk were woven masterfully; white pillars, each made of over a thousand threads stood like Athenian Legions guarding the entrance of this enchanted dwelling. From over the walls of the castle, the real guards were in fact visible, they were green spiders! (Don’t go yucccckkk yet!) Green spiders with red spots over their bodies, legs thick, all eight of them, and wearing helmets! They even had bows and arrows, the minarets of the castle had artillery, the ammunition itself consisted of highly condensed balls of silk, no less strong than a real canon ball. The gates too in fact were guarded by Red Soldier ants, strong and muscular, they stood erect, armed with white spears having a diamond head. Above the castle, almost constantly hovered yellow bees, and hovered at quite a rapid speed, like jets, like scouts, like eyes for someone who wished to see what was going on outside. But the question lies here. Who could be the one who dwells in a place such as this, which I can only describe as the womb of mother Nature. Who or What could it be?

We’ll find out soon enough…next time (when I’ve finished making it up! 😉 )

Here it is: Once upon a time – Episode Two


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