Once upon a time – Episode Two

Previously: Once upon a time – Episode One

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I left you at the gates of that white castle which seemed enchanted by the powers of mother nature. And I know you wonder what is inside that castle, made of spider silk and built within the canopy of an eternal tree. This is where I enter into this mystical land. You may not know, but I have the power of transcending time, space and perception, and here I used my power to enter into my own story and write it after coming back from the adventure.

I somehow managed to sneak past the guards, and enter the castle through a small opening in the southern wall. I think it was made by some insect who could eat spider silk, and probably a lot of it, as there were multiple layers, and I just kept on crawling through the broken white threads until I reached some open space. I looked carefully around to see if there was someone or something else around me. I saw so many creepy insects outside, that I was almost certain that I was being watched by some spider or lizard or chameleon on the inside and they were just waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce upon their prey, which innocently followed the trap they laid out for it. I waited for some minutes, standing in place, looking around and listening for every sound. It was quiet, and the place was empty. I was probably in one of the corridors of the castle, and it must lead to some door, for it’s always the case that a corridor has to lead to a door, never to a dead end. I started walking in one direction, still very cautious. But why did I ‘infiltrate’ the place in the first place, will not be revealed yet. As I walked forward, the color of the wall started to change, which was previously white, but now started turning gray and then to black. I did not like the feeling of this.

And in a while, even the light started to dim away and soon I was in total darkness. I could see nothing and I could hear nothing. I stretched out my hand towards the place I knew the wall of the corridor was, but felt nothing. I walked towards it, and I just kept walking. I was no longer confined in walls, it was some kind of dark, free space. My heart was pounding heavily, I had never felt so much fear before. It was probably due to disorientation of my senses. But still, I did not make a sound, although I wanted to yell, but I was the thief in the house anyway.

And as if some wave of blood had risen in my veins, I felt everything rushing to my heart, which thumped like a thundercloud, and my body shivered like a thousand colds had caught on to me, as I felt a hand upon my left shoulder, and I heard these words in a whisper, “Welcome”.

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