Once upon a time – Episode Three

Previously: Once upon a time – Episode Two

And after you read this one…up next: Once upon a time – Episode Four

I instantly grabbed the hand that belonged to one who spoke that word in a voice so sweet that my fears vanished as soon as that sound fell upon my ears. And on touching that hand, whose skin was softer that the softest pillow that I had ever touched and long slender fingers that established the fact that this has to be some beautiful princess and my fairy tale adventure has finally begun, but soon I saw everything going bright around me. Now from pitch black, I was in a white space, just like in the Matrix movie where Morpheus took Neo. (But I don’t want any big old Morpheus here, it’d better be the pretty Trinity appearing in front of me ;))

At least I could see myself now. But there was nothing here. I just stood in wonder for many minutes, looking at the color white. There was no princess, not even someone like Morpheus!! Where the hell was I? I was seriously getting some kind of a bad feeling in my stomach, like we get in  claustrophobia. I wanted to say something, at least to myself. I opened up my mouth to say, “Where have you taken me this time, dude!!”, and I heard that same female voice say, “You are in my house, Sir.”. Now, this was freaky! I didn’t hear my own voice, I was mute and that was replied to my ‘silence’!
I spoke again, “This is your house?”, again did not hear it, and heard the voice speak, “I just told you that. Do you want me to repeat it for you, slowly?”
Whoa!! The voice even has an attitude!
I said, “Hey, you trying to be funny?”. She said, “Me? Funny? Look around you pal, the joke’s on you! Ha ha!”
Damn, that voice was so sweet, I could not even get angry. But she was right, I was the one trapped in this freak place haunted by a sweet voice!
I thought for sometime and then spoke, (still on mute), “O, Fair lady of the house, dulcet and mellifluous thou art. Thy hand I caressed for a moment, revealed to me thy beauty and thy heart. Dost thou wait for a message from a dove or dost thou wait for a kiss from thy true love?”

Now who can not be flattered after this?
She spoke, “Oh boy! I think all this white space is getting to your head, you’ve started blabbering now! I better turn this off.”
And instantly, the scene changed and I saw myself inside the same walls through which I entered, only now, it was a large hall, with nothing in it, except for a single large chair in the middle, which was at the moment turned away from me, and I could see the back of a lady’s head.
Well, she didn’t sound flattered but at least she got me back to reality, which is, still being inside a castle made of spider silk, guarded by king size insects, all of this inside a giant tree.
She spoke, “Is it okay now?”
I said, “Yeah, but show yourself now. Enough of mystery and magic!”
I could hear myself now. She turned the chair around. I froze. I just saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

Fair skin, glowing with soft light, red rosy lips, moist like dew drops upon a rose petal, wearing a red dress, as red as red could ever be, and a heart-shaped tatoo upon her hand that touched me.
She smiled, a flower must have bloomed in the garden of Eden when the sight of that smile fell upon my eyes. She spoke, softly, “Off with his head.”, and a hundred soldier ants appeared through the walls with their sword pointing right at me!!
What the hell! Alice in Wonderland!?
They all lifted their swords and struck me at the same time. I blacked out.

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4 thoughts on “Once upon a time – Episode Three

  1. wow!!! eeshan’s writing bordering on the romantic… nice read 🙂 well written, a refreshing read after a long time.

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