Once upon a time – Episode Four

Previously: Once upon a time – Episode Three

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This part should have been out much earlier, but you know, life makes you do things that you need to do first, then do the things you want to do. And I, like everyone desire for the reverse. 😛
But lets get back to our story now, where I just got hit by lots of ant swords and blacked out!

I opened my eyes, she was still there, looking at me, her face giving an expression of surprise and possibly fear. I was still alive!
I felt a throbbing pain on my head, touched it and felt a few lumps. Broken pieces of swords all around me, soldier ants running around the room, started to disappear back into the walls, I was hit by their swords that were no stronger than twigs! Huh!
“Off with his head! Who do you think you are lady, the cuter version of the Queen of Hearts? I think you forgot that I’m no Alice!”
“What are you saying? I don’t know what or whom you are referring to.”
“Anyway, you tried to kill me, and as you can see, I’m not a weak insect.”
“That you are not, I am sure of it now.”, she spoke with a growing smile, a beautiful smile.
“But why?”
“I had to be sure of your mind. I had to test you with disorientation and physical assault. You have a strong head, both inside and outside, which is unlike what the unworthy possess.”
I moved closer to her and fixing my gaze into her eyes, said, “Unworthy? Do you even know why I am here? Why I crawled into this silk castle, to the heart of the Eternal Tree?”
She looked away to her right, there was a faint flash of red light in her eyes, and suddenly the wall at the end of her gaze started to shake, the fibers breaking away and rearranging themselves into an open window.
My mouth was open with amazement. “Wow!”. I felt a rush of joy through my body, and spoke with elation, “I found you!”
She smiled back at me.
“It is my honor to see you, Ofelia, princess of the Underworld. I am -”
“I know who you are. I know you have been seeking me for long and I know why. ” She looked down, and said, “It cannot happen.”

She knew me too well. She was truly the magical princess Ofelia. I had heard her stories, about her ascent to earth, and how she was believed to be the source of life of the Eternal Tree. For long, I had resolved to seek her, I travelled many months to reach this castle. I knew other men who had entered the castle and never found anything. I guess I was lucky to be the first to see her. But it was not just out of a desire for adventure, and not out of lust for her famed beauty, that I sought her. She was a goddess and I had something to ask of her.
“Ofelia. I ask again for that which you already know.”
She turned her back on me and said, “No”

To be continued … stay tuned for the last episode


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