Post A Day

Post A Day – Once Again!

Once Again I return to accept the Post A Day challenge! Last year, I started Post A Day from October and managed to follow the routine for 41 days at a stretch. So, it’s not like I posted every day of the year, but it was a good experience for me, writing daily, random thoughts, poetry, and sometimes just some weird stuff.

You can see last year’s posts from here: Post A Day 2011

Get into the habit

Getting into a writing habit habit can be a very good thing for anyone, who wants to take his/her mind off the noise and bustle of daily life. Unless you have a soul mate, to whom you can pour out your heart everyday, which I guess is not the case with most people, you need some kind of outlet to release the thoughts you accumulate in your mind. And for me, blogging is one of the best outlets you can find. Moreover, there are other people who feel the same way and in such a state, people unleash their creativity and their intellect into their blogs, which is such a delight to read, always.

This post is just a starter, stay tuned for some creative writing on Eeshan’s Blog. 🙂


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