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A Tough Day at the University!

I’m not a university student any more, I completed my Bachelor of Technology Degree in 2010 from a really good, ‘A’ Grade University. I want to disclose the name of my University, along with some sincere approbation, but I must refrain, because I’m not sure when my sincerity would turn into hostility after the adventure I had yesterday in the University campus.

If you’ve read my Knights of Asetonia stories, then you’d know how great my college was. 😉 But the University is way way above it, and I’m being purely sarcastic. 🙂

The reason I had to visit the campus yesterday was to obtain my degree document. :-0 Well, as a convention followed in most universities around the world, students are ‘awarded’ their degrees in their ‘college’, in a formal ‘convocation’ event. (Correct me if I’m wrong) But as I always say, my life and the things around it are usually very different. As it turns out, its been 2 years after graduation and none of the students have got their degrees, for no apparent reason!

To tell the truth, it was always like this even while we used to wait for our semester marksheets for many months after the exams. It was all a ‘normal’ process, and as college students, we didn’t bother either. 🙂

This time, on a very urgent note, I needed it for submission in my office, as soon as possible. So I asked around, searching for someone who might have already done this. I did found one, and he told me to get an application signed from the college and then take it to the university, and they’ll hand over the degree to you, it was that simple, or maybe I hoped so.

First of all, colleges remain closed on weekends, so I had to take a leave yesterday to go visit mine. Secondly, it’s a painful 26km away from home. I had to take my car, I knew it was going to be a long day, and travelling using public transport, in this blistering heat, was out of the question! It took me an hour to drive up to my college. As I was getting closer, so many memories started coming back to me, every little thing had some importance now. Whether it was the dilapidated bus stop at Kaspashera, where I and my friends used to wait for DTC buses, or the majestic Oberoi Farms that we used to see along the road, or the legendary Jaggi Uncle’s Dhaba, where we used to hang out for hours, eating and drinking, we had laid our hearts on everything. It was not the prettiest of places, but it was soothing nonetheless.

The Mighty Avengers
The Mighty Avengers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The college building was exactly the same as I left it 2 years ago, nothing had changed, still the same dirty old ‘moat’ around it, still the same main gate with a ‘U & I’ board on top, the same parking lot with the same little photocopy shop, (even the rate was same – 50p/copy!), the only thing missing was the sound of boys playing cricket or basketball in the canteen. I wasn’t surprised, because my batch was not there anymore. 😉

Besides all the nostalgia, I straightened up my thoughts and focussed on the important matter at hand. I had already prepared the application and brought along all required documents, so getting this done took only 15 mins. I hoped to meet some nice old professors, but I got to see only JT and the MP proff, who were real jackasses, so I didn’t talk to them. Anyway, I got this done, so I hopped back into my super duper fast sports car, and drove straight to our University campus, with a little help from Google Maps, of course. One of my friends was waiting there, who had also come for the same purpose.

We went to the entry gate, hoping to get this over with soon, so that we could go watch ‘The Avengers’, play some pool and eat some kathi rolls, yeah, we had already planned this. 😛 But there was some kind of an altercation going on at the gate, between some other students and the guards, and we got to know soon that these students had also come with same objective as ours, and wanted to see the Controller of Examinations. The thing was, that there was some protest going on against a new ‘Year Back’ introduced by the University, under which a student with aggregate marks less than 50% will have to repeat another year in college. And security was beefed up to tackle a big crowd of these protester students gathered outside. What useless kids! Can’t they just study harder and pass the exams! Silly people, holding up important people such as us! 😉

After an hour or so of waiting under the unforgiving sun, we finally got in, went straight to the COE’s office, got intercepted by a middle man, most probably some ‘chaprasi’, who was trying to assert that little power he had on us in this situation by stalling us as much as possible. We didn’t budge, we went around and waited for another guy, who worked under the COE (under the authority of the COE, don’t get the wrong idea! ;)). Even that guy took an hour to arrive, and guess what! He was an uber jackass! Dressed up like Justin Timberlake in his N’Sync days, with attitude worse than Rakhi sawant, he made our life HELL on this day! He made us wait and wait and de-motivated us and made us wait again and then  more de-motivation and more waiting. The COE was not in office, our degrees were with that jackass, but they were not signed, which would only be valid if they are signed by the COE, so all we had to do was to WAIT for the COE to arrive who was purportedly in some very important meeting. And as it turned out, he came back after 6 long f&*^ing hours!! I, my friend and 3-4 more guys just kept waiting outside, feeling as miserable as beggars, hungry, thirsty and almost forsaken by hope itself. So, he came, unperturbed by our misfortune, made us wait another 15 minutes, which we bore with an iron resolve, and finally, and fi-na-lly, we got our degrees!!

THE ELATION! THE JOY!! Indescribable! Wuuuuffff!! This was a hard day’s work! Just the kind of babudom you’d find in any public institution in my homeland. We got it, ran off as fast as we could to my car, straight to McDonald’s, where we ate 2 Chicken burgers each, a pack of French Fries, Coke and a BIG swirly ice cream cone! The gluttony was finally satisfied, the ordeal was finally over. Well mine did continue, because now I had to drive all the way back home! 😦 But, at least I got what I wanted, and so all’s well that ends well. 😀


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