Curiosity · Poems

The tripping Butterfly and the know-it-all Grasshopper

There’s a shiny tree, in a shiny island, upon the shiny sea,

That looks upon the horizon with smiling leaves,

Creatures dwell there strange and weird,

Some with a moustache and some with a beard!

Some with green eyes, some with lots of lice,

Some foolish and some smart,

But two of them, pure of heart!

One is a butterfly with wings so bright,

yellow at day and blue at night,

she does not fly, just dances and skates,

coz her wings can’t hold so much weight!

She loves to eat and talk and laugh,

and care about her friends on her own behalf!

The other is a Grasshopper, that hops and hops,

every single day, till his heart nearly pops,

he is wise and strong, with a solid frame,

he knows it all, he knows all the same,

that everything has a end, and most of it is just a game

Both these creatures are really good friends,

Sometimes they eat on the butterfly’s demand,

And sometimes they hop on the hopper’s command

But never they fight and never abscond,

If one is in trouble, the other appears,

To help and to fill their hearts with cheers

The butterfly trips, when she loses fear and knows no bounds,

And turns into a bird, free and singing with lovely sounds,

But her brains reduce to mere a lump of clay,

And hopper has to guard her, lest she flies away

And the hopper, is not without a weakness, just like our princess,

He loses control over his heart and mind, sometimes obsessed and sometimes possessed!

The butterfly tells him to take it easy and not get so dizzy,

Hopping is not a business, it is just a silly recess!

The story has just begun and this is a prelude,

Wait and see what happens of the butterfly chick and the grasshopper dude! 😉


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