New Stuff that I do

Eeshan is back!

My dear friends,

I return now from my 1 month and 11 day exile to the real world. It was hard, but I had to do it! To the know the value of the things that you cherish, you must attach and detach at will. Only when you stay unbounded, do you learn the truth. And now, as you would expect, I return with tales of my adventures. 🙂

First, I want to tell you about my fitness programme. I have lost 8 kg (18 lbs) over the past 3 months! 😀 I look fitter, feel fitter, lighter (of course) and it has really helped me get my mind straight too. Now I’m sure you’d want to know what I have been doing to lose all that weight, and flab. I have been following a home workout programme known as “GSP Rushfit”.

GSP is George St Pierre, the current UFC Welterweight World Champ, and he’s the main guy in the DVD’s, along with 2 other partners and his trainer Eric Owings who designed the whole package. There are other workouts like Rushfit out there, such as “P90X” and “Insanity”, but I chose this one, because I really love Martial Arts, and it’s totally an MMA based functional training programme.

It was really really tough in the beginning, I had to endure a week of pain, but as time went by and started to feel the effect of the conditioning, I stuck with it, almost, till the end. So, you can say that I did the “Beginner” level at 70% consistency, so what I got was a 70% result. This time I’m going to start the “Intermediate” level, and try to keep the consistency at 90%.

Don’t think of me as a crazy person. Some friends do call me that in this regard. 😛

I just know that once you reach a level in whatever you do, you should never look back, you have to ascend even further. This kind of mindset will spread to all other facets of your life.

The Second thing I want to tell you about is really special! I took 15 dance lessons from Shiamak Davar Group instructors at my office. 😀 It was also spread over 2 months, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and were the most fun moments of my life. Now I know the basics of Hip-Hop, Bollywood choreography, Contemporary (Shiamak Davar style), Rock n Roll, Jive, and Salsa. Now how cool is that? 😀

After 10 classes, I even enrolled for our company’s Talent Fest and performed in a group dance with 7 more folks from our class. And we were just fantastic on stage, I loved every moment of it, no stage fear, just pure enjoyment. I had a solo kind of a moment during the middle of the track, and it was appreciated with whistles and hooting. Look at this…


I invited all my colleagues, friends, seniors and even my boss to watch the show. They loved it! My dance partners were fantastic too, even though we all were just beginners. This was a lot of fun. On the other hand, after the performance I went back to my desk to wrap up some work, and got caught up in some critical onsite deployment process instead 😛

Here’s the video of our performance, I’ve posted it on Youtube:

And as I said, I have a level here too, and I’ll try to ascend this as well. 🙂

But I must say, in the end, no matter how much you do, or how many things you accomplish, they’re always incomplete unless you’ve shared them with people. You’ll get to see a lot more from me now, stay tuned!



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