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Book Review: Scaramouche

ScaramoucheScaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This must be one of my fastest reads ever, given the fact that I read it on my cell phone, and the only time I got was while travelling, before bedtime, and a few sneak peeks during work hours.
This was a fantastic book! I had never heard of Rafael Sabatini before this. My last read was “The Count of Monte Cristo”, so I got “Scaramouche” as a recommended book on Aldiko. Like Monte Cristo, the setting of this story is also in Post-Renaissance France. Monte Cristo was set up during the time of Napoleon, and Scaramouche, during the French Revolution. Besides the Monsieurs and the Mademoiselles, the typical French high society that was so beautifully portrayed in both the books, it would be unfair to compare them any further.

Scaramouche is a tale of vengeance, rather the tale of an avenger. He is smart, he is sly, he is intriguing, and he is a genius. He is a hero, of course, yet, more eccentric and more stoic than any villain. Sometimes you will like him and some times you will hate him, but you will enjoy the journey that he takes on account of a single life shattering event that takes place in his youth. There is romance, and there is action, and more than anything thing, there is eloquence in the words of Rafael Sabatini. Every dialogue, even the narrative is imperious in its nature, giving you the correct impression that the author is nothing less than brilliant.

A must read!

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