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I wrote to the Prime Minister of India!

It’s so amazing how the distance between a man who holds a high office and a young citizen could be diminished for some moments, through a simple e-mail. I wrote to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Singh today! Now why would I do that?


I had a very clear purpose for doing this. I have been a supporter of Greenpeace for a couple of years now, and a nature lover since childhood. Now that I’m 23 and have been through some rigorous life training, I thought it was time for me to be a bit more proactive in my approach to whatever I do in life. This was one of cases. Greenpeace requested its supporters to write to the PM, asking him to save our forests and meet our leader Brikesh, who has collected names of 250,000 people that signed a petition to stop coal mining in Central India, which threatens our forests, and the local biodiversity. I had always wanted to do this, and this was the perfect kick! 🙂

Here is the letter. I hope I get a reply. (That would be awesome!)

Honorable Prime Minister,

It’s not just the office that is honorable, but also the man who holds it. I respect you for the man you are and for the high office whose dignity you uphold. But Sir, that dignity is in danger of being tarnished and stained by the invisible blood of our bleeding forests.

I am a citizen of this country. I know my fundamental rights, and I know the legislative remedies given to me by our constitution. I am a brilliant student, an obedient son, a loyal friend and a hard working employee. I follow traffic rules, I do not engage in violence, I do not litter in public, I do not slander politicians even if they deserve it. Being all this, I consider myself an asset to this nation, for whom I shall do much more as I grow beyond the 23 years of my existence. I ask you to reward me by saving our forests.

You are at Hyderabad for the UN Convention of Biological Diversity. I support the organization Greenpeace, a community of nature lovers, earth lovers. I am among 2.5 lakh other citizens who have signed a petition asking you to put restriction on Coal mining in Central India, as it threatens the forests and the delicate balance of biodiversity. Please meet our leader, Mr. Brikesh Singh, who has been working tirelessly for this cause and is waiting to give you the petition with the names of all these 2.5 lakh people.

Sir, I am aware that coal mining is essential to the economic development of our country. It is a natural resource which is costly to import and mining from our coal reserves will balance the deficit of that cost. But the cost of losing that biodiversity would be much larger and more painful. You must initiate the use of alternative sources of energy on a large scale. It can only happen if you initiate it.

I hope this mail does not land up in the Junk folder, because it not junk, and I hope it gets read by you, Honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Warm Regards,
Eeshan Srivastava


2 thoughts on “I wrote to the Prime Minister of India!

  1. very well written. I dont know if the PM ever gets to read this or not, but all i can say is ur writing style is excellent. its so appealing and engaging.

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