Keep Spreading Happiness

If you’re tired of carrying such weight,
that droops your shoulders and skews your gait
That you feel numb from the pain of the past,
and every new problem leaves you aghast

If you think you’re one of the condemned and shady,
because your troubles come and never leave,
listen to the story about this young lady,
and then thank me for what you shall receive

She comes from I know not where,
and she goes I know not when,
spell her name, I know not how,
and speak to her, I know not what

Be not deceived thou yet my friend,
for she does not hide what others conceal,
she lives her life like an open book,
and every page has something to reveal

But what makes her unique and what makes her rare,
is how she oscillates between fun and care,
she looks at black and white in the same color – red
and that, I guess, is enough said

You may think she is born of privilege,
but let me tell you that is not true,
she gets her share of joy and pain,
trust me, she’s just like you

And just like you she’s afraid of insects,
and ghosts and ghouls and all that stuff,
but unlike you she doesn’t run away from fear,
and unlike you she’s pretty tough

So next time you feel like it’s too much to bear,
and you feel engulfed in fires,
just read this poem and once again,
think about the girl who inspires!

Like this poem on Hellopoetry – http://hellopoetry.com/poem/keep-spreading-happiness/


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