Start Finishing

I’m sure it’s quite common with people who get bored quickly, that they find ways to un-bore themselves and in the process leave many in-progress activities waiting in the queue. They come back to those tasks when they get bored with the other ones and this cycle of starting new things and leaving them in the middle of nowhere just keeps on running.


I’m one of those people. And from personal experience, I can tell that our population is pretty high too. I start off doing great things, awesome things and just leave them in the middle when I think too much time has passed and nothing is coming my way. It’s not procrastination, it’s just plain boredom and a lack of persistence. This is not good and personally, now I find it pretty disgusting too.

Top disadvantages of being this way:

1. Targeting too many things in too less time – I can’t learn french, play the acoustic guitar, join dance classes, study for exams, workout daily, read all classics, watch movies and tv series, play video games AND do my 9 hour job in one day!!!!

2. Aspiring to be someone I am not – I know I feel lacking all the time, so I keep on improving, but in the process I try to imitate personalities which are not my own. And thus do not allow the real me to escape the confines of this delusion.

3. Starting many things and finishing none – the biggest failure is giving up!

What I think should be done now is to start finishing the stuff I have already initiated before moving on to anything new. At the very least, I will get that sense of accomplishment, which is in fact the very purpose of all my activity, but has eluded me for so long.

I’ve shared this self-analysis here so that it may help someone else from my class of people to at least introspect on the follies of such behaviour and maybe try out the solution that I have suggested.



5 thoughts on “Start Finishing

  1. Something that has plagued me as well.
    My experience, do not rush into things.
    Enjoying them makes the outcome beautiful.
    Life is not about being in hurry but celebration
    Of our abilities and discovery of our capacities.
    Meditate on the above words my friend.

  2. This is a very accurate portrayal of what it is like to be a “non-finisher”. I always seem to start projects with amazing potential, only to lose interest after a little bit of work. It’s good to see that I’m not alone! I’ll take your advice and see if I can actually complete a task!

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