Death of a Dream

Thunder awakens me to a dreary requiem,
One that is felt and not so much seen,
The passing away of my vilified soul,
One that yearned for but could never be whole

I mourn for the loss of dreams that were stuck,
To that diaphanous veil of unwanted luck,
I remember the past that was meant to last,
And yet it was not meant to happen so fast

Time is the grim reaper of dreams that are hot,
When you sow a seed and water it not,
It shall not erupt into a tree of gold,
Unless you hold, but I was too cold

I saw the end before the start,
Stopped in the middle of the road,
For I was enchanted by the trophy,
And was content with just a photograph

Reality kicks me in the butt and the gut,
I fall face first and lose a few teeth,
I fall upon the seed that I had sown,
Of the dream once I had known


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