Happier Poetry Series: The Sun

In my pursuit towards happiness and attaining a generally better sense of self-esteem, I have now embarked upon a wonderful journey with some wonderful people on Happier. This week I am executing my gratitude ritual by writing a short poem everyday on the things that make me happy. I start with the Sun.


The eternal fire ever burning brighter

illuminates dark space with floating matter

heat and light it churns out like a mill

I wonder at the persistence of its will


it has burned for an age, yet seems to rise

everyday a new light, every morning a surprise

without it, we cannot live yet too much we cannot have

burn me you will, if I but dare to grab

at the magnanimity of your core

and at your benevolence of giving more and more


O star of stars, our only star

stay there always in your place afar

come not closer or move away further

even an inch hither or thither

I like you up there and your daily sleep

a bit of darkness everyday is also of need


eternal fire, you give me power

when I dare to look upon you at noon

in your rays of pure light I daily shower

and get ready, it will be morning soon


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