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Happier Poetry Series: The Trees

Poem No.2 for my daily gratitude ritual on Happier! https://www.happier.com/

Give some water, earth and light to a tiny seed

then behold a wonder that results from this deed

the seed erupts, crawls up to the sky with skinny shoots

and sinks deep into the soil with tiny roots

father time nurtures the seed and its tiny extensions

and it grows and grows without any pretensions

the first leaf is a sign of coming green

and a flag marking victory of forces unseen

branch to branch with leaves asunder

hold your breath for the next wonder

the seed becomes a tree when a branch bears the first fruit

and slowly but surely every other follows suit

the canopy expands, the fruits multiply

small creatures begin to arrive from the sky

some arrive from beneath in search of a home

they build their nests and they build their domes

the tree bears all, benevolent and great

every creature now bound to its fate

it gives shelter to the wet and shade to hot

such grandeur came from a tiny seed, forget that not!


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