Eeshan’s MBA Course: 25% Completed

It takes an extremely intense educational program coupled with a new life requiring self-sustainability, responsibility and no less degree of adventure to stop me from writing for my blog for such a long time. I ventured into this new life in a new land full of new people 4 months ago, when I set foot in Cleveland, a historic city in Ohio state of the United States of America. My objective was to obtain an MBA degree from the renowned Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. I had heard from people that an MBA course is intense, hectic, crazy, stupid and many more random adjectives describing it. I used to respond with a simple “meh”. That was 4 months ago.

4 months have passed, today was the last day of the first semester, culminating with the end of the final exams, this one being on Economics. I now say “daaaaammmmmmnnnnn!!!”.

Finally, I get a break! This was crazy intense! One semester, 5 subjects, 2 part-time jobs, constant internship search, living on my own for the first time in my life, cleveland orchestra, chipotle, pizza and the extreme extreme extreme cold! Welcome to the first part of my adventure.

I’m so glad that it’s over. I am proud to have been through it and come out unscathed without a nervous breakdown and maybe much tougher than before. What an experience! The kind of people I met here, I may never have got a chance to meet if I had not come here. My classmates, each and every one of them is a story, rather an institution in themselves. I have learned so much, yet I think I have only scratched the surface of what is seemingly an endless source of knowledge and experience for me. I have yet to open the jammed doors of my emotional fortress to all these people who are a constant and rich outflow of energy and passion. It is a people-centric culture here, unlike the task-centric culture to which I had adjusted so well during my 3 1/2 years on the job doing hardcore software engineering. I am training to be a manager, a leader and a good person, so I expect myself to make some changes which I am sure will come around sooner or later.

Today I am 25% closer to my goal and realize that I have 25% less time to do what I have to do. Whilst I understand that time pressure always ruins heartfelt dreams, but hopefully it will help me prioritize and manage my daily activities towards the right direction.

I miss my home and my parents and my brother everyday. It makes me sad everyday not being there with them. I miss my friends too. There is still a great deal of chaos in my mind, a turbulence that does not settle down. That’s the whole point of an adventure I guess. I know not what’s in store for me. But I know that fortune favors the brave and I must be brave … like Aragorn! 😉


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