8,094 miles in 27 hours to home! Thank you Airplanes! (and Prof Solow!)

Prof Solow, our brilliant Statistics professor always says, “In the real world, if you’re not sure of something then AWAYS – ASK!”. He said this while explaining how to handle ambiguous demand constraints for decision modeling, but I think it is a very good life advice which can be applied to all real life situations. I’m done with his course now but I’m pretty sure that what ever he has taught us is going to stick for a long time to come.

But, I only wish that I had heard and imbibed this advice at least a couple of months before he said the words. It could have prevented me from making such weird travel plans for my home journey.

Oh! And by the way, I’m back home now! I’m in my dilli walo ki, aur meherbano ki, aur kadardaano ki, apni, saddi, pyari, dulari DILLI! I’m so happy to be with my lovely Mom, Dad and the devil brat younger brother.

Coming back to the weird travel plans, I just want to express how frantic the journey was and how less frantic it could have been if I had just asked somebody before booking the tickets. I “assumed” that since I booked through Lufthansa, I will be allowed 2 checked bags, but the polite United Airlines folks politely charged me a hundred dollars for the extra bag despite my theatrical efforts to dissuade them from doing so. I traveled to 4 different airports – Cleveland, New Jersey, New York, Frankfurt and Delhi. Oh, that’s five! New Jersey to New York was a shared shuttle ride in bad rush hour traffic. All the flights very were delayed for the same reason – someone got sick just before the flight and had to get off, along with the baggage. Finding the baggage among the thousands caused the most delay. This was seriously weird. I was even thinking about Final Destination at some point; the person who had a vision of the plane exploding got off and later on the plane did explode and all that weird stuff. Moreover, the layovers were very tight. At Frankfurt, I had to literally run from gate Z to gate C (train ride included) to catch the last flight. And to top it all, my stomach troubled me throughout the flight and I did not get an ounce of sleep even though I tried everything (including listening to nature sounds while the person on my left was snoring like a pig – that was also a nature sound but not to my liking!).

I did not sleep for 35 hours straight and covered 8,094 miles in 27 hours. What an invention! Airplanes! I would however want to try such journeys by ship someday, when I’m free from the constraints of time. But now I’m back and I’m going to forget all of this and enjoy mom’s world best awesomest food, and will go and see places and meet friends and celebrate the new year!

At least until my return journey which is exactly the same as this one.


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