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Here’s one solution to Climate Change

First, I’ll talk a bit about Climate Change. If you already know about it, have seen the stats and infographics, then there is nothing new for you here. You only need to click this link, which will take you to The Climate Mobilization. There, you’ll definitely find something new. For the rest of us, let’s learn something.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here goes nothing:

Greenhouse Gases

Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased exponentially since the industrial revolution in the 1800’s.

Source: American Chemical Society

Here’s what our beloved Leonardo Di Caprio has to say:



Extreme times do call for extreme measures. A lot of people are saying a lot of things about this. And a lot of people still don’t “believe” in it. To reinforce or change our beliefs, we only need to open our eyes and see how climate change is actually impacting people. [Source: https://ccafs.cgiar.org/bigfacts/#theme=climate-impacts-people]

Now these were the facts, here’s the solution:

There is a group of volunteers who are hitting the right chord when it comes to climate change. They are trying to mobilize people and the government into action akin to the scale at which the WWII mobilization happened. That was done to protect the country, and this again will be done to protect the country, and the world!

I highly recommend visiting this page to find out how they intend to mobilize people and economies to actually do something about the greatest human-made threat to humanity. Check our their website to learn more and take action: http://goo.gl/IAP8LE.

MissionThe Climate Mobilization is a new, volunteer-powered organization. Our mission is to protect civilization and the natural world from catastrophic climate disruption. We are dedicated to living in climate truth, and believe that working to solve the climate crisis is everyone’s responsibility.




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