After a long time, I finally set pen to paper or in this case, fingers to keyboard, to breathe life into my blog again. It has been 137 days since my last post Here’s one solution to Climate Change. The purpose of writing that piece was to pass an online marketing challenge given to me by a potential recruiter. Although my research and thoughts were genuine, I will not count it as a true reflection of the great introvert, which is after all the purpose of this blog. So, it has actually been 225 days since my last “reflection” New Year Reflections – Caesar, MBA and Seattle. If you have read some of my posts, then you will notice I usually start off with a quote from literature. Let’s do it again.

“Do you expect sincerity in man when hypocrisy is the very keynote of human nature? We are nurtured on it; we are schooled in it, we live by it; and we rarely realize it.”
Rafael Sabatini, Scaramouche

It’s true. Humans are raised towards a set of rules and laws by which to live their lives. These rules and laws are not questioned, especially not when we are young and start conforming to them. And by the time we reach the age when the mind is developed and some sense of individualism can be inculcated if led towards it by an external force or just some deep inner drive, we are living in such depth of conformity that coming out of it is near impossible. Awareness of self, which is the strongest at the time of birth is lost and is replaced by unquestioned conformity. Even those who consider themselves to be “rebellious” rebel only within the socially accepted definitions of rebellion. Well, you must be wondering what is my point? There is no point in bringing this up, because what I know of being the “point” is very different from your perspective on the “point”. And maybe that is indeed the “point” of all this.

Another point of this post is to give an update to my readers about my whereabouts. I’m no longer in Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Case Western Reserve University‘s Weatherhead School of Management in May. Oh my! While adding a link to my school, I just noticed seeing myself in one of the videos if you scroll down to the bottom.


That is quite wonderful indeed! 🙂

I must mention that my 2 years at Weatherhead in Cleveland were magnificent in terms of both my educational development and my personal development. The education I received and the friends I made have left me with invaluable memories, ones that I will remember as the glorious days of my youth when I am at my end. Well now I am in Salt Lake City, Utah working for – a big e-retailer of primarily furniture and home decor. I work in marketing analytics, deep diving into data – finding trends, solutions and making recommendations to the business. It’s a challenging job and one that stimulates my mind. What more do I need?

That’s all I wanted to write today. I titled this post “Incoherence” but never talked about it. But the title is correct because the post itself was quite incoherent. Wasn’t it? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Incoherence

    1. Thanks a lot Harshit! I appreciate your kind words. Of course we’ll party properly this time when I come home. Won’t be satisfied with just a dosa! 🙂

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