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The New Year Post

Many people like to express their thoughts on the New Year, in whatever form, whether electronically or physically, in the last few days of December every year. Is it because they turn philosophical and contemplative, or they just do it because every body else does it? Well, I think I fall in the latter category.… Continue reading The New Year Post

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No more daily blogging, it’s time for a break

That’s it, no more Post A Day for me. Although it was really amazing that I managed to shell out 44 consecutive posts in 44 days, I’ve decided this streak ends here today. I enjoyed typing out every word, whether from my laptop or my cellphone, whether at 8pm or at 2am, whether it was… Continue reading No more daily blogging, it’s time for a break

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My Reading List

I’ve got back to reading after a long time, and it must happen with most people, a habit like reading really sticks to you in the most pleasant way. The following is my reading list for this year and next year…and FYI, I read all these on my LG Optimus One! 😛 Completed Candide by… Continue reading My Reading List

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The CAT in boots!

Its finally here, a day away. The exam I have been waiting for. I can’t say that I am prepared, rather, honestly speaking, the chances do not look so good. (Just as I wrote this, I saw a lizard pass by … is this bad luck about a bad thing, so maybe it’ll cancel out??… Continue reading The CAT in boots!

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Two things I want to write about

Despite the fact that I write daily about a lot of things, there are two things that I really want to write about, as soon as possible. They involve me and the people I love the most. First – The IIHT Story I promised this to somebody last year, and that person would probably be… Continue reading Two things I want to write about