Sunset above the clouds.

They say sunsets are romantic. Symbolic of love and tranquility. I feel what makes a sunset effuse so much peace is the beautiful amalgamation of colors, with perfect mixing of shades and a gradual change towards darkness, and you keep your eyes fixed, mesmerized by such divinity. I saw a special sunset yesterday. It was… Continue reading Sunset above the clouds.

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Pinnie the Wooh!

Hey there buddies! Here’s one drawing that I actually dared to paint.The others that I actually ‘paint’ are digital ones over here. Pretty old-school huh? I’ll be in Jaipur for the weekend on a family trip, but it won’t stop me from blogging as long as I have my super awesome LG Optimus Prime, sorry… Continue reading Pinnie the Wooh!

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The Bulletproof Monk

Here’s a portrait I made of someone who I admire and venerate the most in my life, after my parents. I wish I could have seen or met him in person, but through his words I feel right there with him. This was a bold bold man, not many might have heard of him, even… Continue reading The Bulletproof Monk