Of what good is beauty?

a man is often enchanted by things of beauty and delight, bathes in wonderful emotions begotten of smell and sight, for the longevity of these things, he lives and fights, sometimes lives, often fights, sometimes builds, often destroys, then destroys what he builds, wars are never fought for an unseemly lady or even a beautiful purpose, pleasures of dreams lead… Continue reading Of what good is beauty?

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Happier Poetry Series: The Trees

Poem No.2 for my daily gratitude ritual on Happier! https://www.happier.com/ Give some water, earth and light to a tiny seed then behold a wonder that results from this deed the seed erupts, crawls up to the sky with skinny shoots and sinks deep into the soil with tiny roots father time nurtures the seed and… Continue reading Happier Poetry Series: The Trees


Happier Poetry Series: The Sun

In my pursuit towards happiness and attaining a generally better sense of self-esteem, I have now embarked upon a wonderful journey with some wonderful people on Happier. This week I am executing my gratitude ritual by writing a short poem everyday on the things that make me happy. I start with the Sun.   The eternal… Continue reading Happier Poetry Series: The Sun


Keep Spreading Happiness

If you’re tired of carrying such weight, that droops your shoulders and skews your gait That you feel numb from the pain of the past, and every new problem leaves you aghast If you think you’re one of the condemned and shady, because your troubles come and never leave, listen to the story about this… Continue reading Keep Spreading Happiness

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The tripping Butterfly and the know-it-all Grasshopper

There’s a shiny tree, in a shiny island, upon the shiny sea, That looks upon the horizon with smiling leaves, Creatures dwell there strange and weird, Some with a moustache and some with a beard! Some with green eyes, some with lots of lice, Some foolish and some smart, But two of them, pure of… Continue reading The tripping Butterfly and the know-it-all Grasshopper

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Strength and Weakness

Warrior of the battlefield, king of the arena, how do you show your strength, when there is nobody to fight? Your power and your skills, your crowning glory lies in waste, when you are in a world that does not have your sight. To your loved ones, you submit, never raise your voice, if there… Continue reading Strength and Weakness