8,094 miles in 27 hours to home! Thank you Airplanes! (and Prof Solow!)

Prof Solow, our brilliant Statistics professor always says, “In the real world, if you’re not sure of something then AWAYS – ASK!”. He said this while explaining how to handle ambiguous demand constraints for decision modeling, but I think it is a very good life advice which can be applied to all real life situations. I’m done… Continue reading 8,094 miles in 27 hours to home! Thank you Airplanes! (and Prof Solow!)


Natalie MacMaster at the Cleveland Orchestra

I have always had a penchant for classical music (besides my crazy love for scream-o metal music). The symphonies of Beethoven and the violin concertos of Vivaldi have been my “soul” music for many years now. Whether to study or to just calm the mind, I listen to them time and again – a small proof… Continue reading Natalie MacMaster at the Cleveland Orchestra


Eeshan’s MBA Course: 25% Completed

It takes an extremely intense educational program coupled with a new life requiring self-sustainability, responsibility and no less degree of adventure to stop me from writing for my blog for such a long time. I ventured into this new life in a new land full of new people 4 months ago, when I set foot… Continue reading Eeshan’s MBA Course: 25% Completed

Poems · Thoughts

Happier Poetry Series: The Trees

Poem No.2 for my daily gratitude ritual on Happier! Give some water, earth and light to a tiny seed then behold a wonder that results from this deed the seed erupts, crawls up to the sky with skinny shoots and sinks deep into the soil with tiny roots father time nurtures the seed and… Continue reading Happier Poetry Series: The Trees

Book Review

Book Review: The Lord of the Rings

I use Grammarly’s grammar checker online because parallelism is not just about parallel lines, but words and sentences too. Oops! I just made an error here … a parallelism error, caught by Grammarly! Did you see it too? Well, this post is not really about grammar, it’s about a great book I read known as “The Lord… Continue reading Book Review: The Lord of the Rings


Happier Poetry Series: The Sun

In my pursuit towards happiness and attaining a generally better sense of self-esteem, I have now embarked upon a wonderful journey with some wonderful people on Happier. This week I am executing my gratitude ritual by writing a short poem everyday on the things that make me happy. I start with the Sun.   The eternal… Continue reading Happier Poetry Series: The Sun


Need – Desire – Obsession – Destruction

As humans, our defining characteristic has been our inherent property of having more needs than we can sustain. But over time, we seem to have evolved to sustain this property by moving on to the pursuit of the next need after enjoying the previous one, and thus to lead a life with multifarious experiences emanating… Continue reading Need – Desire – Obsession – Destruction